Tongue Tie Services

Tongue-tie Services

Highly qualified & experienced

Responsive & convenient

Private Tongue-Tie services are provided by Luisa Lyons (via Private Midwives) IBCLC, Registered Midwife & Tongue-tie Practitioner.

Appointments are available in and around Norwich, Norfolk,
 to support parents experiencing concerns and symptoms of Tongue-Tie / Restrictive Lingual Frenulum.

Tongue-tie services are available in-home (Norfolk & Suffolk) and at our ad-hoc clinic service in our central location in Norwich, Norfolk with onsite parking. 

Regular weekly availability bookable online. For more information & short notice consultation please contact us.

Tongue-tie Assessment

Tongue-tie / Restrictive Lingual Frenulum assessment is available to determine if your baby has Tongue-Tie only via Home Visit or Clinic Appointment.


Assessment & Frenulotomy

Frenulotomy (Tongue-Tie Division) is available in-home (Norfolk & Suffolk) and in clinic at our central location with free parking in Norwich, Norfolk.


Follow up support

Clients receive 2 weeks of follow up support via messaging & discounted rates for follow up support consultations with all No Milk Like Mama's Practitioners

Included with your consultation:

Tongue tie Service clients receive the following:

"Luisa divided my baby's tongue-tie and feeding improved immediately. I was so grateful to have this done so quickly"
"She was the first person to actually listen to my concerns. The division she did made an instant & remarkable difference to our feeding journey & enabled me to enjoy breastfeeding"

What are the symptoms of Tongue-tie?

Symptoms that may be experienced include: 

Painful breastfeeding, Nipple trauma,
Breast pain, Weight gain concerns,
Jaundice, Difficulty latching,
Milk supply, Expressing,
Frequent feeding, Unsettled babies,
Reflux & Colic,
Mastitis & Blocked ducts

How long is the appointment?

Your face-to-face appointment for assessment and frenulotomy will be approximately 60 minutes long. Prior to this, a free 20-minute telephone or video consultation will be conducted to take a full history. This will optimise your appointment time whilst reducing the risks of face-to-face contact.

How do I prepare for my appointment ?

You will be sent an information leaflet by email prior to your appointment with everything covered. We will also be able to talk on the phone prior to your appointment to answer any queries you have, and discuss risks, benefits and alternatives.

How soon can I feed my baby?

Ideally, your baby will feed immediately after the division procedure to provide comfort, pain relief and minimise any bleeding. In general, the division procedure itself takes less than ten seconds.

What happens after my appointment?

You will be supported to feed your baby and have any questions answered. Information to optimise post-procedure feeding and wound healing will be given and realistic expectations discussed. If you have opted for ongoing support, this will be arranged. Your feedback will be requested and is greatly valued.

Is a division always necessary?

No. The aim is always to find a non-surgical solution for restrictive lingual frenulum and/or feeding issues. Sometimes the best management may be an expectant approach, where watching and waiting for a few days or a few weeks is most appropriate. You will be supported to find the best option for your individual circumstances. If you book for assessment and frenulotomy and no surgical division is needed, you will only be charged the assessment fee.

Luisa Lyons

Tongue-tie Practitioner

Tongue-Tie Services are provided by Luisa Lyons, fully insured and CQC registered via Private Midwives. 

Luisa Lyons is a practicing Registered Midwife, IBCLC Lactation Consultant and Tongue-Tie Practitioner. Luisa has been as Registered Midwife for over 20 years and an IBCLC for over 15 years, supporting thousands of families with infant feeding. 

Luisa is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), the highest international qualification in infant feeding. Luisa trained in frenulotomy with Mr. Ashish Minocha and Mr. Khizer Mansoor at the Norfolk & Norfolk University Hospital in 2017 and has performed 2000 frenulotomies / tongue-tie divisions since then. In addition, she has supported many thousands of babies.

Luisa was the lead recruiter for the largest worldwide study into Tongue-Tie (FROST-TIE She is passionate about Tongue-Tie being both recognised and managed appropriately and is keen to see much-needed research in this area. Luisa is employed part-time as a Research Midwife in the NHS. 

An IBCLC Lactation Consultant is the highest international qualification and gold standard in Breastfeeding Support and it takes many years of training and experience to qualify to this level. IBCLCs have regular training and supervision to continuously update their knowledge and skills and this is also a requirement of registration as an IBCLC. When you employ an IBCLC Lactation Consultant you can be assured that you are receiving the highest standard of Breastfeeding Support. 

Providing both emotional and practical breastfeeding support, we are passionate about supporting all families throughout their breastfeeding experience.

One to one breastfeeding support is available at short notice through Home Visits in and around Norwich, Norfolk and Suffolk and Online Consultation worldwide.