Breastfeeding Reflections Pack



This Breastfeeding Reflections Pack is a chance for you to commemorate this special time in your life and the commitment and love you have put into your breastfeeding journey.

This pack includes a folder for you to keep safe with prompts such as “our first breastfeed” and “breastfeeding taught me” as well as a page dedicated to the little things like feed frequency, positions, and your favourite night time snack!

They include a bath bomb, chamomile teabag and a chocolate to get you in a reflective headspace, as well as a pen to write your memories down with, and some stickers to personalise the pack. A Breastfeeding Milestone Certificate and Liquid Love pin is also included for you to celebrate your achievement for however long you breastfed for. 6 hours, 6 weeks, 6 months or 6 years. Every Drop Counts.

Shipping available worldwide. UK shipping: £1.50 – if it comes up higher please ensure your address states UK!