Parenting Workshops

Infant Sleep Online Workshop

‘I found the workshop really useful and reassuring’ 

‘This workshop was a brilliant, honest overview of many issues surrounding babies sleep’

‘I really loved how gentle and baby centred it was’

‘I have already seen some beneficial changes to her sleep just one week on’

No fuss, no frills, no nonsense. Just good quality information, presented in a way that’s easy for you to access, ready for when you need it most.

This infant sleep workshop gives parents the knowledge and skills to implement ideal sleeping patterns for your baby and toddler, with a focus on understanding of normal infant behaviour and managing expectations.

Unlimited access to content allowing you to work through at your own pace and revisit chapters as you require. 

The course can be accessed on your computer or device at a time that suits you. You can watch it all in one go, or in bite size chunks fitting in around your schedule. 

This workshop covers:
– Sleep Cycles
– Development leaps and ‘sleep regressions’
– Realistic sleep expections
– Optimising daytime sleep
– Sleep pressure
– Bedtime routine
– Sleep associations
– Night time strategies
– How to tackle a sleep ‘problem’ 
– PDFs to download and keep
– Suitable for newborn to approximately 2.5 years

On purchasing you have unlimited access to the course along with useful documents to help support you.

Free Online Antenatal Workshop

The Lowestoft and Waveney Breastfeeding Support Group in collaboration with No Milk Like Mama’s are really excited to bring you this entirely FREE online antenatal breastfeeding workshop. Free to access & work through at your own pace – link below.

This workshop is ran by Association of Breastfeeding Mothers Breastfeeding Counsellors with IBCLC Lactation Consultation specialist support.

Please come and join us and work through the units at your own pace, with continued access once your baby arrives to support you.

The modules for learning include:

-. Benefits of Breastfeeding & how it works
– Antenatal Breastfeeding preparation
– How to know things are going well
– What’s normal?!
– When things don’t go as expected
– Expressing Breastmilk
– Special Care Babies
– Tips & Tricks
– Ongoing Breastfeeding Support

Starting Solids​

No Milk Like Mama’s in collaboration with Jo Weston (Baby Led Kitchen) brings you this 2.5 hour workshop on introducing solids to your baby.

This workshop will cover information on: 
– The history of weaning
– The WHO guidelines
– Commercial baby food
– Sugar and salt content 
– Baby led weaning
– Purees
– Safety
– Allergens and foods to avoid 
– Foods to get started on
– How to prepare 
– Meal ideas

Ideal from newborn up to 6 months – ideally prior to weaning onto solids – however those already weaning will likely also find this very useful

Babies are welcome to attend with parents. Family tickets available for both parents to attend.

From Womb to World - Antenatal Workshop

There is often a lot of focus on pregnancy and birth, with little time to think about what will happen once your baby arrives.

Together with discussion and teaching of the biological and physical aspects of breastfeeding, our unique From Womb to World antenatal workshop includes a focus on relaxation, bonding, breathing exercises, journaling and trusting our instincts.

Families are given time to explore their thoughts and ideas around breastfeeding and can leave feeling knowledgeable and empowered going forward. 

Our unique From Womb to World workshop includes:

  • How Breastfeeding works
  • What to expect in the first days post birth
  • Normal infant behaviour 
  • How to know if things are going well
  • When to seek further support
  • Discussion around any concerns
  • Mindful Breastfeeding
  • Questions to ask in hospital
  • Guided relaxations
  • Pregnancy, labour and postnatal yoga for you and your partner
  • Sleep information for your newborn
  • Comprehensive course folder for you to keep to support you post birth

This 6 hour workshop, taught by Sian Aldis (IBCLC, Holistic Sleep Coach & Mindful Breastfeeding Practitioner) and Luisa Lyons (Specialist Midwife, IBCLC, Tongue tie Practitioner & Yoga Instructor), takes place over 2 x 3 hour sessions.

Parents are equipped with the knowledge they need to breastfeed in the way they wish, with a focus on relaxing into parenthood and navigating the 4th trimester with their new baby. 

Suitable for all families, whether this is your 1st baby or your 7th!

(unavailable during Covid19) 

Pregnancy & Baby Yoga

Luisa Lyons Pregnancy and Baby yoga offers bespoke classes for you and your growing baby. 

Trained by the prestigious Sally Parkes Yoga, a qualification that requires high prerequisites to train, Luisa offers pregnancy and postnatal yoga classes unlike anything else in the area. 

Taking you from bump to baby, Luisa is highly trained and skilled to support you, honouring your mind and body during this special time in your life. 

No Milk Like Mama’s® Breastfeeding & Sleep Support is available worldwide via online consultation and in home in Norwich, Norfolk & Suffolk.