Family Support

Specialist support when you need it most.

The aim of this service is to support you in any way that you require. This might be to support you in caring for your new baby, or allowing you time to rest and recover whilst your precious little one is cared for in between feeds.

During this period of time, specialist breastfeeding support will be given throughout, together with emotional and practical support to help you rest, recover and relax and enjoy your life as a new family. This may also include caring for older siblings and animals.

As a qualified Lactation Consultation and Holistic Sleep Coach, this specialist training provides an extensive knowledge of newborn baby behaviour. Together with qualifications in childcare practice (Cache), previously working as a Registered Childminder and a mother of 3.

The role of Family Support is never to tell you what to do or to take charge, but to gently support you in your parenting to feel relaxed and assured going forward.

Family Support includes a full Breastfeeding Consultation (worth £75), together with additional hours spent with you & your new family in your home

Family Support

£175 first day (5 hours)

*includes a full Breastfeeding consultation worth £75

Continued Support

£30 per hour (minimum 3 hours)

Travel is charged at 50p per mile.