'I made these very gentle changes and I can honestly say both mine and my little girls lives are better now and happier. I did nothing drastic, there’s been no crying, no obvious changes for her whatsoever, just kind and gentle ways to improve things.' Nicola & Ruby

Holistic Sleep Support teaches families about what is Natural, Normal and Safe,
managing expectations and responding appropriately to your child​

Your Child’s Sleep
What’s Natural, What’s Normal, What’s Safe.

🖤 Family Centred Care
💜 Respectful of your Child’s physiological & emotional health
🖤 Individualised – every Child & Family is different
💜 Support for families with Babies, Toddlers, Preschoolers & Older children
🖤 Protects your Breastfeeding relationship
💜 Evidence based and gentle

No Milk Like Mama’s Sleep Support is available worldwide via online consultation. 

Holistic Sleep Support is provided by Sian Aldis, IBCLC & Holistic Sleep Coach

Many families are consumed with worries around sleep. Holistic Sleep Support offers information on nurturing alternatives to cry-it-out and similar sleep training methods, along with an understanding of what is normal for your child and ways to help you cope.

You are the expert in your child and the role of Holistic Sleep Support is to support you in finding ways that fit your family towards more settled sleep.

Working with sleep biology, a listening ear and a caring approach, you are supported to reach your goals, whilst keeping your child’s physical and emotional health, and your family, at the heart of any changes or suggestions. My role is to work with you to optimise settled sleep whilst increasing your confidence in your parenting and understanding your child’s individual needs. 

Working with an IBCLC Lactation Consultant, you can be assured that your breastfeeding relationship will be prioritised alongside optimising settled sleep. An IBCLC Lactation Consultant is the highest international qualification and gold standard in Breastfeeding Support .

Holistic Sleep Support does not advocate any methods that involves leaving your child to cry alone. 

Sleep diary & parent questionnaire

Analysis of sleep questionnaire 

Discussion of sleep concerns via online call 

Discussion of suggestions & strategies bespoke to your situation

Suitable for an overview of sleep or one-off concerns


Suitable for antenatal sleep information and expectations

These calls are jam packed with information – have a pen & paper handy to make notes.


This service includes 7 consultations taking place over a 2 month period and is suitable from birth to approximately 8 years old. We will discuss current challenges, investigate the reasons for this, discuss normal behaviour and expectations, your sleep goals and sleep strategies that you can put in place.

Sleep diary and parent questionnaire

Detailed analysis of sleep concerns

Initial detailed consultation via videocall or face to face in your home 

Written summary of consultation discussion and plan of coaching service

6 x online calls taking you through the coaching process

Email support throughout coaching period

Information sheets to keep


 Since our call, Oliver has gone from waking every hour (or thereabouts) to sleeping 5/6 hours straight...I feel like a new woman!...you helped us rearrange his naps and your tips and tricks have made such a difference.'  Caroline & Oliver

Mini clinic consultation appointments are available at Rowan House in Hethersett and include the following:

Parent Questionnaire

Analysis of sleep concerns 

Clinic appointment discussion of suggestions and strategies bespoke to your sleep concern

Suitable for an overview of sleep habits, reassurance, follow up support or one-off concerns

Mini Clinic Consultation: £40

This 2.5 hour workshop gives parents the knowledge and skills to implement ideal sleeping patterns, with a focus on understanding of normal infant behaviour and managing expectations.

This workshop covers:
– Sleep Cycles
– Development leaps and ‘sleep regressions’
– Realistic sleep expections
– Optimising daytime sleep
– Sleep pressure
– Bedtime routine
– Sleep associations
– Night time strategies
– Health conditions
– How to tackle a sleep ‘problem’ 

Suitable from newborn to approximately 18 months 

 Infant Sleep Workshop: £25

‘Sian’s knowledge and advice was second to none, and filled us both with confidence. Sian is the go-to person for all things sleep and feeding.’  Kat & Polly