Group Workshops & Baby Café

Group Workshops & Baby Café

The WellNest Baby Café is suitable for all families with babies to attend up to toddlerhood.

A space for you & your baby to relax, meet other families & specialists in infant development, feeding & sleep. Hosted in the private & self contained function suite at Roundwood conference centre in Taverham. 

Come with friends or come alone, you will find a welcoming place for you & your baby.

Refreshments provided, unlimited hot drinks, onsite parking, baby change facilities, baby weighing scales, outdoor & baby play space. 

Opportunity to ask questions & receive information & support.

Ran by Sian Aldis, IBCLC – Infant Feeding & Sleep Specialist & Rachel Pailes, Paediatric Physio – Newborn & Infant Development Specialist.

Starting Solids group workshops last approximately 120 mintues and are suitable for non-mobile babies to attend. 

No Milk Like Mama’s in collaboration with Jo Weston (Baby Led Kitchen) brings you this informative and fun workshop on introducing solids to your baby.

This workshop will cover information on: 
– The history of weaning
– The WHO guidelines
– Commercial baby food
– Sugar and salt content 
– Baby led weaning
– Purees
– Safety
– Allergens and foods to avoid 
– Foods to get started on
– How to prepare 
– Meal ideas

Ideal from newborn up to 6-8 months+ – ideally prior to weaning onto solids – however those already weaning will likely also find this very useful

Babies are welcome to attend with parents. 

Mindful Mothering group workshops last 120 mintues and are suitable for parents with non-mobile babies to attend from approximately 3-12 weeks old. 

Mothering is a wonderful act (that is not exclusive to ‘mothers’). Those mothering deserve support to do so with confidence, whilst being given space to tune into their instincts & their own needs.

Mindful Mothering is a weekly workshop ran over a course of sessions, guiding you towards confidence in yourself, trusting your instincts & responsive parenting.

Along with learning about infant cues, behavioural states, infant communication & positive touch, you will be given space to acknowledge, discuss & optimise your mothering experience with the use of mindfulness techniques.

Ideal for babies approximately 3-12 weeks old.

Led by:

Rachel Pailes, BSc (Hons), MCSP
Newborn & Infant Development Specialist
Qualified Paediatric Physiotherapist
IAIM Infant Massage Instructor 
Sian Aldis. IBCLC, BA (Hons)
Infant Feeding & Sleep Specialist
Mindful Breastfeeding Practitioner

Online group workshops last approximately 90 minutes & and in person approximately 120 mintues. Both are suitable to have your non-mobile baby present throughout. In person group not suitable for toddlers to attend.

Online & In-Person Group Workshops with Sian Aldis, IBCLC & Holistic Sleep Coach. 

Learning of infant sleep behaviours & proactive strategies to encourage long term settled sleep.

Time for discussion and Q&A. 

Suitable for varying age ranges from newborn to toddlerhood- see our booking page for differing age groups.

Available workshops can be booked online or please email to discuss your requirements.

Also available for friend group bookings, presentation at your baby/toddler group or professional training sessions. 

No Milk Like Mama’s® Breastfeeding & Sleep Support is available worldwide via online consultation and in home in Norwich, Norfolk & Suffolk.