Gentle Sleep Support

Gentle Sleep Support Options for You & Baby

No Milk Like Mama’s® Gentle Sleep Support is available via:
1:1 Online Consultation
Self-paced Online Course 
Group Workshop

Many families are consumed with worries around their child’s sleep. No Milk Like Mama’s Gentle Sleep Support offers information on nurturing alternatives to cry-it-out for babies, toddlers and older children, along with an understanding of what is normal for your child and ways to help you cope.

Working with sleep biology, a listening ear and a caring approach, you are supported to reach your goals, whilst keeping your child’s physical and emotional health, and your family, at the heart of any changes or suggestions. My role as your sleep consultant is to work with you to optimise settled sleep whilst increasing your confidence in your parenting and understanding your child’s individual needs. 

Gentle Sleep Support is available for a wide range of concerns and ages of child, including (but not limited to):

Early rising
Nap timings
Bedtime battles
Night time strategies
Night weaning (12-18 months+)
Overview of your sleep situation
Emotional and practical parenting support

‘I made these very gentle changes and I can honestly say both mine and my little girls lives are better now and happier. I did nothing drastic, there’s been no crying, no obvious changes for her whatsoever, just kind and gentle ways to improve things.’ Nicola & Ruby

No Milk Like Mama’s Gentle Sleep Support is provided by Sian Aldis.

Sian Aldis is the founder of No Milk Like Mama’s® and has a passion for good quality, consistent and evidence based support for families. 

Sian is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), the highest international qualification in infant feeding. Sian is also a qualified Mindful Breastfeeding Practitioner and Holistic Sleep Coach With a Degree in Integrated Health & Social Care she is focused on family centred care, providing an holistic approach to the support she offers.

Sian has completed two Advanced Level Open College Network (OCN) accredited gentle sleep courses and provides Gentle Sleep Support to families, offering information on nurturing alternatives to Cry-It-Out and similar sleep training methods.

Become your child's sleep expert

Self-paced Online Course

Accessible on all devices, this course has been developed to be easily accessible for parents in a way that you can fit around your usual activities. Each chapter is on audio to enable you to continue with your day to day tasks whilst listening on the go. Unlimited access to content allows you to work through at your own pace and revisit chapters as you require.

Become your child’s sleep expert with our self-paced Online Sleep Course. No rigid routines, no Cry It Out and no new purchases every time they reach a new stage.

This self-paced course will teach you what you need to know to make the adjustments necessary to create settled sleep for your whole family. With lifetime access to content, this course is suitable from newborn through to toddlerhood.

No fuss, no frills, no nonsense. Just good quality information you can work through at your own pace, presented in a way that’s easy for you to access, ready for when you need it most.  

This online self-paced infant sleep course covers a whole host of sleep topics including sleep biology, night waking, naps, bedtime and gentle sleep strategies, giving you the knowledge and skills to implement ideal sleeping patterns for your baby or toddler.

Age range: Newborn – 2.5 years

£45 lifetime access to course 

Sleep Smart Online Call

A Sleep Smart Online Call Consultation is a standalone online consultation suitable for an overview of your sleep situation & discussion of strategies suitable for your child’s age and stage of development.

Suitable from birth through to toddlerhood & beyond. 

This service provides you with 1:1 bespoke support with your sleep concerns and includes:

Short Sleep diary & parent questionnaire
Analysis of sleep questionnaire 
Discussion of sleep concerns via online call 
(approximately 45 minutes)
Discussion of suggestions & strategies bespoke to your situation

Suitable for an overview of sleep, sleep preparation for newborns/antenatally or one-off concerns.

Age range: Newborn to 8 years

Online Call: £85


1:1 Gentle Sleep Coaching

A Gentle Sleep Support Online Coaching Call Consultation is inclusive of next steps sleep plan & 2 weeks follow up support via email (fair usage applies). Following this time, ongoing support packages are available for those that wish for further support with their sleep plan. 

Suitable from approximately 6-8 months through to toddlerhood & beyond. This service provides you with 1:1 bespoke support with your sleep concerns and includes:

Sleep diary & parent questionnaire
Analysis of sleep questionnaire 
Discussion of sleep concerns via online call 
(Initial consultation approximately 90 minutes)
Discussion of suggestions & strategies bespoke to your situation
Recording of your consultation
‘Next Steps’ sleep pack
2 weeks of follow-up support with your sleep plan
Ongoing follow-up support available at client rate

Suitable for frequent night wakers, night weaning & those requiring more in-depth support with their sleep situation.

Age range: 6-8+ months – 8 years

Initial Consultation £159
Ongoing support packages available

Group Sleep Workshop

Group workshops last approximately 90 minutes & are suitable to have your baby present throughout. 

Online & In-Person Group Workshops with Sian Aldis, IBCLC & Holistic Sleep Coach. 

Learning of infant sleep behaviours & proactive strategies to encourage long term settled sleep.

Time for discussion and Q&A. 

Suitable for varying age ranges from newborn to toddlerhood- see our booking page for differing age groups.

Available workshops can be booked online or please email to discuss your requirements.

Also available for friend group bookings, presentation at your baby/toddler group or professional training sessions. 


Sian's knowledge and advice was second to none, and filled us both with confidence. She is the go-to person for all things sleep and feeding.'  
Kat & Polly

‘I really loved how gentle and baby centred it was’

‘I have already seen some beneficial changes to her sleep just one week on’

‘This workshop was a brilliant, honest overview of many issues surrounding babies sleep’

‘I found the workshop really useful and reassuring’