Breastfeeding Support

Breastfeeding Support Options for You & Baby

No Milk Like Mama’s® Breastfeeding Support is available via 1:1 Online Consultation & In-Home Consultation in Norwich, Norfolk & Suffolk.

'Without a doubt this is the best money I have ever spent on myself and my children...Breastfeeding support has been vital to me to maintain breastfeeding and it remains the most empowering experience of my life...Thank you so much No Milk Like Mamas'

Specialist Breastfeeding support is available for a wide range of breastfeeding concerns and ages of infant, including (but not limited to):

Painful breastfeeding
Nipple trauma
Difficulty latching
Milk supply
Slow weight gain
Identification of tongue-tie (restricted lingual frenulum)
Referral for tongue-tie assessment/division

We aim to leave you and your baby calm and in control and with the necessary skills to breastfeed in the way that you wish.

All our specialist practitioners have an Enhanced DBS Certificate
& have received the Covid-19 vaccine.

For those experiencing Breastfeeding Aversion we have a specialist Practitioner offering support in this area – for more information click here.

'So beneficial to have that time one to one with Luisa, to really be heard and supported. Feeding improved within hours of the visit and I feel so much more in control.'

Our comprehensive Postnatal Breastfeeding Support includes: 

Full Breastfeeding assessment
Practical and emotional support
Assessment & referral for Tongue tie/RLF
Contact with your healthcare professional if required
Weighing your baby (if you wish)
Written report summary of our consultation
Guided relaxation and mindfulness tools 
Follow up email support for 2 weeks (fair usage applies)
Peer support at the free Breastfeeding Cafe
Follow up support packages for ongoing support with your feeding plan

Packages of longer term support can be arranged on request.
Please email to discuss.

Antenatal Support

There is often a lot of focus on pregnancy and birth, with little time to think about what will happen once your baby arrives. 

Private Antenatal Online Video Consultation is available with our Breastfeeding Specialists to discuss Breastfeeding during the antenatal period.  

1:1 Antenatal clients will receive 10% off all Postnatal No Milk Like Mama’s Support Services. 

Postnatal Support

Home Visits available in and around Norwich, Norfolk & Suffolk allow for relaxed time to discuss, assess and support you with Breastfeeding in the comfort of your own home. 

Online Video Call Consultations available worldwide are suitable for breastfeeding support where face to face breastfeeding support is not possible, and for all discussion based support.  

Ongoing follow up support packages available for existing clients.

Prices vary. Please see our booking page for details of our support packages.

Breastfeeding Support Home Visits & Online Support Calls are inclusive of any necessary assessments & referrals, consultation notes & 2 weeks follow up support via email (fair usage applies). Following this time, ongoing support packages are available for those that wish for further support with their feeding plan. 

Breastfeeding Support

''I had been told on several occasions by other healthcare professionals that everything was fine with my baby and our breastfeeding, even though it was very painful and stressful, but Sian picked up on what was wrong in two minutes! Teresa & Margot

'You provide the most valuable and compassionately supportive service to women when they really need it most' Jade

An IBCLC Lactation Consultant is the highest international qualification and gold standard in Breastfeeding Support and it takes many years of training and experience to qualify to this level. IBCLCs have regular training and supervision to continuously update their knowledge and skills and this is also a requirement of registration as an IBCLC. When you employ an IBCLC Lactation Consultant you can be assured that you are receiving the highest standard of Breastfeeding Support. 

Providing both emotional and practical breastfeeding support, we are passionate about supporting all families throughout their breastfeeding experience.

One to one breastfeeding support is available at short notice through Home Visits in and around Norwich, Norfolk and Suffolk and Online Consultation worldwide.

‘Sian has been very understanding and caring in such a difficult time. Our baby is now breastfeeding well and we hope to see this continue and improve.’  Chantella & Daisy