How to Photograph Your Newborn at home

Guest Blog - How to Photograph Your Newborn at Home - Jess Wilkins Photography

It has been a strange and worrying time for us all but so many precious babies are being born reminding us of how important family is.

As a newborn photographer when lockdown began i wanted to give all parents out there the tips to photograph their baby at home. Below is much of the guide and a link to download your own free copy!

Safety - this is one of the most important points.

The safety and comfort of your baby is more important than any photo.

Please do not attempt any poses that you see newborn photographers do.

Pets and siblings make for wonderful baby photography but should never be photographed without another adult right there to keep an eye (and hand!) on the baby. 

It may seem obvious but if using a large camera and when you are taking photos above baby, always wear the camera strap around your neck.

Listen for baby’s cues. Your little one may start to tell you they have
had enough. Pace yourself, you just had a baby and will need rest! If
you need to break it up over a few days then do so.


Get ready - how to set the room and mood:

First off, know that your photos are not going to look the same as
professional photos, and that’s ok! You are capturing some precious
memories, and that is all that matters.

Turn up the thermostat so the room is warm, then give your baby a good feed, and be sure to burp them, so they are happy and sleepy! But remember that awake baby images are beautiful too

I find white noise can really soothe a newborn during a shoot so that’s another option to create a calm room.

Some initial starting tips

Spread a blanket, swaddle wrap, or sheet on the floor near a window.
(neutral works well, greys whites and patterns such as arrows or polka dots).

Position the baby with light coming from the side or top of the baby’s head.

Take photos looking straight down – do not take photos up baby’s nose.

What to wear

To really capture your newborn I always recommend having the family wear comfortable, simple, neutral-coloured clothing. Stay away from logos, words, and characters on shirts, and neon colours.

Newborns photograph best in a simple white onesie – because really is there anything better?

You can add a little hat or headband for variety (but not one so big it
takes the focus away from the baby!).

Lighting and position

Any photographer will tell you the trick to a good photo is the
lighting, at home you can achieve great results with the following:

-Try to take your photos in the rooms that get the best gentle window light (not direct sunlight). 
-North/south facing windows are great! If there’s enough window light, turn off your overhead lights.
-When positioning the baby close to the window, make sure the light is coming from the side or towards the top of the baby’s head – but
remember not direct sunlight on your baby.

For more tips on the must have images to capture (Mums this means you being in front of the camera) please download your FREE copy here:

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