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In this Guest Blog, Lily who runs Plant Source UK  shares how she uses Essential Oils for children with her family.

I often suggest Essential Oils to families I support with sleep  as a sensory cue for bedtime.

Here Lily lets us into the secret behind some of her beautiful blends…

Essential Oils for Children

One of my most precious memories from the day my little boy Tom was born, was rubbing a drop of pure frankincense onto his lovely new-born skin.

Frankincense is known to reduce stress and helps with the bonding experience. I remember reading somewhere that, for us humans, it’s more of a stressful experience entering this world than when we come to leaving it.

Babies have suddenly found themselves out of their safe, lovely watery home, having all of their needs met. And now they’re out, plop, in an unfamiliar world, on a cellular level, it’s pretty intense.

I was very keen for Tom’s birth to be as relaxed as possible, with low lighting and a sense of calm. I ended up having an emergency c-section, but I remember it being quiet, still pretty calm and still magical.

Even with emergency medical intervention, I was so happy to have knowledge of essential oils and use them on Tom. I don’t know of anything better than a drop of frankincense on the crown and down the spine, to help a baby feel like everything’s going to be just fine.

I also applied grounding blend (Balance) to Tom’s feet and have applied it every day since. In fact, he now applies it himself, or tries to!

Balance is made up of tree oils. Trees have roots that are planted firmly into the earth, so that the tree can withstand the storms that come and not topple over.

We had made plans to cocoon ourselves during those first new-born days. It didn’t really go that way and I’m sure, like most new parents, we were inundated with visitors. It was wonderful that so many people wanted to meet him but I always made sure I had On Guard (Protective Blend) in the diffuser when people turned up, as it supports immune systems and protects against environment threats.

“We use essential oils multiple times a day”

Tom is almost two now and such a wonderful, calm and centred little boy. We use essential oils multiple times a day and a bout of chicken pox, nappy rashes, high temperatures, tummy upsets and an almost full set of teeth later, I can honestly say, it’s made a huge difference for all these cases. A life changer.

On Guard has been especially useful in soft play, dirty shopping trolleys and public toilet scenarios as it’s completely safe and natural and it helps kill off harmful bacteria and viruses, including MRSA and E. coli, whilst at the same time, helping build the immune system too.

Once diluted they are safe to use on your baby’s skin, added to bath water and diffused during the night. The easiest way to do this, is by using ready made up rollerballs, which have been diluted appropriately according to age. This is so you’re prepared and know you have a safe and effective blend on hand, during the day, at bedtime or when you find yourself needing one at 2am.

Diluting doesn’t make oils any less effective. In fact, less, more often, is better. Daily proactive use is best.

“It takes 22 seconds for the molecules in essential oils to reach the brain. Two minutes until they enter the bloodstream and within 22 minutes, they’ve affected every cell in the body. I was amazed by this.”

Essential Oils 

A note about the oils: I only recommend doTERRA essential oils as they’re the purest and most potent. Too often, when you see essential oils available to buy, they contain contaminants and filler substances that weaken the essential oil’s effectivity. doTERRA ensures that their oils are free of harmful components through the CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade protocol. This protocol includes a series of rigorous tests that determine the quality of each batch of essential oils.

I am often asked about which oils help babies and help them to sleep and to stay asleep for longer. There are so many possibilities, but the following are the ones I have found most effective. It truly is a lovely thing to incorporate into your little one’s nightly routine.

Sleep Blend:

Vetiver – a sleep inducing wonder oil, known for promoting relaxation and can help the body get the sleep it needs

Balance (Grounding Blend) – contains a perfect combination of oils which work together to create a sense of calmness and well-being

Serenity (Calming Blend) – lessens feelings of tension and calms emotions, promotes relaxation and a restful sleeping environment

Copaiba – well known to soothe anxious feelings

Roman Chamomile – is an exceptional oil and well known for having a calming effect on the skin, mind and body Rub this blend into tiny feet and toes and ideally down the spine, before bedtime.

I would also recommend adding 1-2 drops of Sleepy blend into bath water, with Epsom salts, which will help the oils disperse in the water.

I also thoroughly recommend investing in a good, quiet diffuser for your child’s bedroom. Ideally one which diffuses for a decent amount of time.

A relaxing bedtime diffuser blend would be: Patchouli – provides a grounding, balancing effect on emotions

Clary Sage –one of the most relaxing, soothing and balancing essential oils when used aromatically

Frankincense – helps achieve a state of relaxation and readiness for sleep

Roman Chamomile – provides a calming aroma and soothes the central nervous system

Relax Blend:

Vetiver – known to support nervousness, insomnia and promotes deep relaxation

Marjoram – is known as the ‘joy of the mountains’ as it possesses calming properties

Ylang Ylang – encourages relaxed minds, decreases stress hormones and decreases mind chatter

Lavender – a cherished oil, known for its calming and relaxing properties promotes restful sleep

Frankincense – enhances the effects of the companion oils and brings an earthy tone

Clary Sage – is known as one of the most relaxing, soothing and balancing essential oils

Cedarwood – stimulates the limbic region of the brain which increases melatonin

Monsters Blend:

Bergamot – a soothing citrus that helps alleviate anxious feelings and separation anxiety at bedtime

Wild Orange – helps to lower anxiety and promotes a feeling of tranquillity

Lavender – encourages calmness and soothes the mind and body

Juniper Berry- known as the ‘oil of the night’ and assists with fears of the dark or separation anxiety I diffuse this blend and apply it topically every single night as it has worked wonders with phases where Tom didn’t want me to leave his bedroom. I’ve also found that he re-settles better during the night and it doesn’t result into a full-blown wake up.

Bed Wetting Blend:

A wonderful blend for children who are transitioning and toilet training…

Cypress – this oil is known for treating chronic bed wetting and all things bladder and urinary tract related

Balance – promotes the feeling of relaxation and will assist with any anxious feelings Rub this blend over your child’s tummy, especially bladder area and bottoms of feet every night (allow 1-2 weeks for adjustment and consistency is key with this)

As I mentioned, there are numerous concoctions and the more I learn about the power of essential oils, the more blown away I am with their effectiveness and ability to help.

It takes 22 seconds for the molecules in essential oils to reach the brain. Two minutes until they enter the bloodstream and within 22 minutes, they’ve affected every cell in the body. I was amazed by this.

If you would like any further information on essential oils for children and how they can help you and your family, I would be more than happy to help. You can contact me via Instagram (plant_source_uk), Facebook (plant source) or email me

All No Milk Like Mama’s face to face sleep clients will receive a sample of Lily’s Sleepy Blend rollerball and a diffuser mix ideal for bedtime – they smell divine! 

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