Let’s talk bras!

Breastfeeding/nursing bras seem to be a bit of a minefield. I’ve tried many different brands and varieties over the years. I’m pleased to say that since my first experience of breastfeeding in 2009 to now, there is a lot more choice!

I was recently introduced to Molke bras via a friend and thought I’d give them a whirl. I’m impressed!

More of a crop top than a bra, but super supportive. Granted I don’t have very large breasts, but the Molke sizing goes up to Thundercup (l?ve this!) and can seemingly contain even the most ample bosom. The reviews would indicate that women with larger breasts concur.

Molke have quite the following, with the hashtag #molkeflash on social media bringing up many posts of these bras. There are also buy/sell groups on Facebook to get these at a reduced cost (they are not the cheapest at approximately £30 a pop, but in my experience worth the investment).

It’s pulls easily to the side for quick (and discreet if you wish) breastfeeding, far easier than faffing with clips. I’ve recently discovered wearing bralets for breastfeeding with the same ease of access (New Look, M&S etc.) and a pretty look that goes nicely under a dress or something more delicate, but the Molke is definitely much MUCH more supportive. So much so, I think this will suffice for a sports bra for the duration of breastfeeding, rather than replacing my pre-pregnancy sized ones.

I’m loving some of these designs too. The one I’m wearing is called the Suffrage bra, as it’s in the colours of the British Suffragettes. I think I could perhaps get away with wearing these alone under my many dungarees/jumpsuits worn when breastfeeding, another new obsession of mine….More on that another time!

I’m not getting paid for posts such as these, that’s not my bag. I’m just sharing what I’m finding useful for breastfeeding along the way!

Do you have any recommendations for breastfeeding bras? Please share the love!


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