Why Bounty should be Banned.

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It’s fantastic to hear that reasonably locally to us, women are being given the choice as to whether they wish to be disturbed by strangers taking photos of their baby and to sell their personal details on.  I hope this means our more local hospitals will follow suit, or even better ban the Bounty Ladies altogether.

Ipswich hospital changes policy on sales representative on maternity wards

I personally was shocked at how intrusive the representatives were, in particular following the birth of my 3rd child this year. 3 of them entered my room, had a discussion about their work (their next target?) and asked me for my personal details without even telling me what they wanted this for. I had a private room due to major surgery and a traumatic pregnancy. Why on earth were 3 strangers, with no medical need for them to be there, allowed to enter my personal space whilst I sat bleeding, in pain, unable to stand and naked whilst trying to breastfeed my newborn baby, who was also receiving hospital care?

I asked them what they needed this information for, they would not give me a straight answer. I promptly asked them to leave.

It is very easy in those moments following one of the biggest events of your life, and whilst still receiving medical care, to assume that anyone coming into your space requesting your personal details, must be doing so in an official capacity and because it is absolutely necessary. Not because they want to sell your information onto other companies.

I find it absolutely disgusting that this practice is allowed to continue.

Let’s not forget, if you and your baby are fine, you leave the hospital. The mothers and babies on hospital wards are there because they need medical care.

The moment they enter your room, your bedside (your life?!), could be during a pivotal moment as you enter your new life as a new mum to this new being.

Perhaps your baby was about to latch for the first time since birth, or you were about to fall asleep for the first time since a long labour, or your partner and you were sharing a moment together to take on board what the hell just happened. Perhaps you were high fiving in celebration of your first poo post delivery (yep, I did that).

Whatever you were doing, it was certainly not the time to have a stranger coming in and asking you for personal details to make money for the company they work for and make commission on what they can sell you.

In my mind it goes against all Baby Friendly principles and the welfare of all the mothers and babies that they interrupt. Please, for the love of God, someone stop this practice being allowed.

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