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No Milk Like Mama’s® is a small team of independent specialist practitioners offering Breastfeeding Support, Gentle Sleep Support , Tongue Tie Services and In-Home Maternity Support

Supporting you to make informed choices and feel confident in your decisions, we are passionate about good quality, consistent and evidence based support for families. The ethos of No Milk Like Mama’s is to encourage parents to trust their instincts, be responsive to their children, and put love and connection at the forefront of everything they do.

Support is available online worldwide, and in-home in Norwich, Norfolk and Suffolk.

Breastfeeding Support

We support our clients with compassion and expertise, with the latest evidence based information to provide you the gold standard in Breastfeeding Support.

No Milk Like Mama’s® Breastfeeding Support is available via 1:1 Online Consultation & In-Home Consultation in Norwich, Norfolk & Suffolk. Support is available for all types of infant feeding, including Breastfeeding, Chestfeeding, Formula Feeding & Mixed Feeding.

in-home maternity

Supporting you in the postnatal period, we provide both emotional and practical support to your family as you welcome your new baby. Sharing with us what is important to you, we can match you with a tailored service to suit your needs.

No Milk Like Mama’s Practitioners will never to tell you what to do or take charge, but gently support you in your parenting to feel relaxed and assured going forward and allowing you time to rest, recover and relax and enjoy your life as a new family.


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Gentle Sleep

No Milk Like Mama’s® Gentle Sleep Support covers a range of sleep concerns and offers information on nurturing and gentle strategies for babies, toddlers and older children, along with an understanding of what is normal.

Affordable options available via 1:1 Online Consultation, Self-paced Online Course & Group Workshops.


Private Tongue-Tie services are provided by Luisa Lyons (via Private Midwives) IBCLC, Registered Midwife & Tongue-tie Practitioner in Norwich, Norfolk, to support parents experiencing concerns and symptoms of Tongue-Tie / Restrictive Lingual Frenulum.

Tongue-tie services are available in-home (Norfolk & Suffolk) and ad-hoc clinic service at our central location in Norwich, Norfolk.


Mindful Breastfeeding support includes a focus on relaxation, bonding, breathing exercises, journaling and trusting our instincts. Mindful breastfeeding has been shown to increase milk supply and pumping output, enable parents to be more relaxed, have confidence in their parenting abilities and enjoy time with their baby. Techniques used in mindful breastfeeding, can result in babies taking more milk, growing faster and sleeping longer


“Without a doubt this is the best money I have ever spent on myself and my children.

Breastfeeding support has been vital to me to maintain breastfeeding and it remains the most empowering experience of my life.

Thank you so much No Milk Like Mamas”


sian aldis

Sian Aldis is the founder of No Milk Like Mama’s® and has a passion for good quality, consistent and evidence based support for families. 

Sian is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), the highest international qualification in infant feeding. Sian is also a Mindful Breastfeeding Practitioner and certified Holistic Sleep Coach. With a First Class Honours Degree in Integrated Health & Social Care she is focused on family centred care, providing an holistic approach to the support she offers.


Our Practitioners are hand picked for their outstanding level of care. With our extensive range of specialist qualifications and experience, we work collaboratively within our support options to ensure the best outcome we can for the families we support.

clients who trust us

"I very highly recommend No Milk Like Mamas as there is so much knowledge to breastfeeding beyond positioning and latching techniques and it has given me many options and possibilities"

“Sian was very good at giving me loads of tips and ideas that I can try in relation to improving our childs sleep. She addressed every issue and was very considerate to our needs and individual situation..”

“I would highly recommend No Milk Like Mamas to anyone struggling with breastfeeding, so friendly, professional and great advice from people who are very knowledgable and highly skilled in what they do. ”

meet with a specialist today

Our support services are bookable online. Our booking system allows you to give us your details & a full history in advance, ensuring your consultation time with your Practitioner is as valuable as possible.

The majority of our clients are seen within 24 hours of enquiry. Evening & short notice consultation available on request.

If you have any difficulties booking online or require urgent consultation, please contact us at or 07766466307

'Sian provides an outstanding level of professional service and support to her clients'(Specialist HV)

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'You provide the most valuable and compassionately supportive service to women when they really need it most'
'I have recommended Sian to a lot of people and will continue to do so. I genuinely believe she is one of the most valuable and worthwhile baby-related services out there.'
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No Milk Like Mama’s often answers questions outside of a consultation and provides a lot of support this way when your queries don’t necessarily require a consultation to discuss or you are not in a position to book one. If we have helped you and you want to show your appreciation, you can use our ko-fi account which helps fund our free Breastfeeding Support Cafe. Thank you for your support.