Welcome to No Milk Like Mama's®

No Milk Like Mama’s® provides specialist Breastfeeding, Parenting &  Gentle Sleep Support worldwide. Supporting you to make informed choices and feel confident in your decisions. We are passionate about good quality, consistent and evidence based support for families.

The ethos of No Milk Like Mama’s is to encourage parents to trust their instincts, be responsive to their children, and put love and connection at the forefront of everything they do.

No Milk Like Mama’s continues to offer support during the Covid19 pandemic. 
We take the need to reduce risks to our clients and their families very seriously and have made changes to our support options as necessary.

"I have recommended Sian to a lot of people and will continue to do so. I genuinely believe she is one of the most valuable and worthwhile baby-related services out there."(Alice & Felix)

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"Luisa was just fantastic. Caring and kind "

‘Through really listening and suggesting gentle, effective approaches, Sian fixed our breastfeeding and sleep problems, now everything is so much easier!’

Hannah & Ember

‘If it wasn’t for Sian our breastfeeding journey would have been cut very short, and again when I had some difficulties further down the line’

Teresa & Margot

''"Sian provides an outstanding level of professional service and support to her clients."(Specialist HV)

No Milk Like Mama’s® Breastfeeding & Sleep Support is available worldwide via online consultation and
 in home in Norwich, Norfolk & Suffolk.

No Milk Like Mama’s often answers questions outside of a consultation and provides a lot of support this way when your queries don’t necessarily require a consultation to discuss or you are not in a position to book one. If we have helped you and you want to show your appreciation, you can use our ko-fi account. Thank you for your support.