‘Whilst working within the UNICEF accredited and ‘House of Lords’ acclaimed Breastfeeding Team in Norfolk and Suffolk, Sian provided an outstanding level of professional service and support to her clients. This included, antenatal and postnatal care to women, fathers, their babies and extended family, including Grandparents.

Sian is a highly knowledgeable practitioner and has supported other senior professionals, like GP’s, Health visitors and Midwives to provide excellent care of women and babies during their breastfeeding journey. Sian is also a competent educator and is trained to the recognised ‘UNICEF’ standards to deliver local breastfeeding management training. Sian’s NHS practice was continually acclaimed by her colleagues and clients. As her then Lead, I was always delighted and proud to report a 100% satisfaction of service via the audit process.

I am extremely delighted to recommend Sian Aldis to you, to support your Breastfeeding journey, she will provide you and your baby with the highest standard of care.’

Margaret Baluta
Specialist Public Health Practitioner & Health Visitor
Development Manager and Lead
The Breastfeeding Team (2008-2016)

‘Sian has been out to visit out family three times to help us with breastfeeding and holistic sleep support

She is friendly, put us at ease, very knowledgeable and very kind too.

If it wasn’t for Sian our breastfeeding journey would have been cut very short, and again when I had some difficulties further down the line. I had been told on several occasions by other healthcare professionals that everything was fine with my baby and our breastfeeding, even though it was very painful and stressful, but Sian picked up on what was wrong in two minutes! She also helped when I wasn’t getting the right medication from my GP by sending me information and even writing to my GP on my behalf.

We have a happy and healthy baby girl and still exclusively breastfeeding at nearly four months which we are so happy about. 

She really does go above and beyond. 

We are very grateful to Sian and feel lucky to have found her when we did.’

Teresa & Margot

‘After two weeks of struggling to breastfeed my newborn due to refusal to latch we organised Sian to assess and see if we could improve the situation following help from midwives and the health Visitor. Sian was very prompt and came round the next day. She assessed my daughter and watched us attempt at feeding. She diagnosed a tongue tie which had been missed by numerous health professionals. She gave us a clear explanation of what this was and what to expect. On request Sian put a private referral through the same day. This enabled us to receive prompt care. Overall Sian has been very understanding and caring in such a difficult time. Our baby is now breastfeeding well and we hope to see this continue and improve. My breastfeeding journey would have come to an end if not for Sian.’

Chantella & Daisy

‘ I just wanted to say an additional thank-you for your help – it was a great relief to have your warm, professional and accurate advice on what to do, and it was fantastic how swiftly you were able to assist us to see Mr Minocha and have the tongue-tie resolved.’

Charlie and Johnny

‘Sian visited me when my first was 5 days old and feeding was going badly. She immediately spotted a tongue tie which had been missed by many other medical professionals. Her support and experience meant that we managed to go from bottle feeding expressed milk to exclusively breastfeeding over a 10 day period. My first also had a cleft lip which made this a slightly more challenging experience. So many medical professionals were insistent he should be bottle fed due to his cleft but with Sian’s never ending support and experience we made it and breastfed successfully for 2.5 years including through surgery for his lip. Highly recommend.’

Kaya and Harry

‘Without Sian’s support with feeding my 3rd baby there is no doubt in my mind I wouldn’t have made it though the first week. Sian supported me with feeding before he arrived (had 2 experiences previously that had left me scared and disillusioned at the thought of attempting to feed again). She supported me both emotionally and practically in terms of technique etc from preparing me before he was born, those first few days, those subsequent wobbles when things weren’t going to plan and then right through to when I was making the decision to stop feeding when he was around 8 months old. Feeding never came easy to me with any of my children but thanks to Sian’s skills, patience and warmth I was able too and will always be extremely grateful for her giving me that chance’

Kimberley and Stanley

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