Parenting Workshops

Preparing to Breastfeed

This 4 hour workshop takes place over 2 sessions and leaves parents fully equipped with the knowledge they need to breastfeed in the way they wish.

The themes covered within this class: 

B – Bonding
R – Relaxation
E – Establishing 
A – Attaching
S – Support
T – Trust

This class covers the biological and physical aspects of Breastfeeding in a fun, interactive and memorable way, together with Mindful Breastfeeding  principles to give parents the best chance of meeting their personal goals. 

Parents will receive comprehensive course notes and a copy of Emma Pickett’s book ‘You’ve got it in you. A positive guide to breastfeeding.’

Starting Solids

No Milk Like Mama’s in collaboration with Jo Weston (Baby Led Kitchen) brings you this 2 hour workshop on introducing solids to your baby.

This workshop will cover information on: 
– The history of weaning
– The WHO guidelines
– Commercial baby food
– Sugar and salt content 
– Baby led weaning
– Purees
– Safety
– Allergens and foods to avoid 
– Foods to get started on
– How to prepare 
– Meal ideas

Ideal from newborn up to 6 months – prior to weaning onto solids

Infant Sleep

This 2 hour workshop gives parents the knowledge and skills to implement ideal sleeping patterns, with a focus on understanding of normal infant behaviour and managing expectations.

This workshop covers:
– Sleep Cycles
– Development leaps and ‘sleep regressions’
– Realistic sleep expections
– Optimising daytime sleep
– Sleep pressure
– Bedtime routine
– Sleep associations
– Night time strategies
– Health conditions
– How to tackle a sleep ‘problem’ 

Suitable from newborn to 18 months 

Pregnancy & Baby Yoga

Luisa Lyons Pregnancy and Baby yoga offers bespoke classes for you and your growing baby. 

Trained by the prestigious Sally Parkes Yoga, a qualification that requires high prerequisites to train, Luisa offers pregnancy and postnatal yoga classes unlike anything else in the area. 

Taking you from bump to baby, Luisa is highly trained and skilled to support you, honouring your mind and body during this special time in your life.