Online Resources from Trusted Sources

No Milk Like Mama’s Breastfeeding Guide – click here

Latching Baby to Breastfeed

Biological Nurturing – Laid Back Breastfeeding

Normal Infant Behaviour

The Period of Purple Crying – A New Way to Understand Your Baby’s Crying

Hand Expressing

Storing Your Breastmilk

The Breastfeeding Network – Expressing and Storing your Breastmilk

Paced Bottle Feeding

Paced Bottle Feeding: How to Do It and Why You’d Want To

Breastfeeding & Returning to Work

Unicef – Breastfeeding at Work or Study

Lucy Ruddle IBCLC – Returning to work & breastfeeding E-course

Find Local Support

Find a Lactation Consultant in your area

Bringing Baby back to Breastfeeding

Time off to “reboot” the baby And get over breast distress

Breastfeeding and Thrush

The Breastfeeding Network – Thrush & Breastfeeding


The Breastfeeding Network – Mastitis PDF

The Breastfeeding Network – Mastitis Leaflet


Lyndsey Hookway – Feed Sleep Bond

Baby Sleep Information Source – Durham University

Care It Out Sleep Consultant – ECourse – Bedtime Basics

Newborn Sleep

Weaning Onto Solids

Baby Led Kitchen

NHS Weaning Information



The Baby Reflux Lady

Useful Articles

Online Resources from Trusted Sources

Birthing Bonding & Breastfeeding – Christy Jo Hendricks

Breastfeeding Support – Philippa Pearson

Kellymom – IBCLC Breastfeeding Information

Global Health Media – Breastfeeding Videos