Online Consultations

Sian Aldis (IBCLC Lactation Consultant) offers Online Video Consultations. Video consultations are mostly appropriate for discussion based support and information.

Following consultation you will receive written recommendations via email with links to further information as necessary. If required contact can be made with your Health Care Professionals. This is included in the cost of consultation.

This can take place via Whatsapp, Zoom etc. Whichever platform is easiest for you, so long as it is a secure and encrypted service.

The recommendation remains to seek face to face breastfeeding support, especially for more clinical concerns and latch issues, but sometimes this is not possible. Video consultations allow accessibility to support for all mothers.

If you would like to book an Online Consultation please email to discuss availability.

Online Video Call Consultation: £35

Full payment for online consultation must be made prior to appointment.

Sleep concerns are something I can also support you with alongside breastfeeding. Holistic sleep support compliments Breastfeeding Support.