Kristen Allen | Peer Supporter

Kristen Allen | Breastfeeding Peer Supporter

Hi my name is Kristen and I love supporting mums to feed their babies! I have been a breastfeeding peer supporter at the Norfolk and Norwich hospital for over 5 years now helping mums to feed their babies in delivery suite, MLBU, the postnatal ward and NICU too. I regularly offer breastfeeding support at the RLF clinic at the NNUH. A self proclaimed “tongue tie dork” I am very interested in learning about tongue function and how important mouth anatomy is! To become a peer supporter at the hospital, I achieved an Open University qualification in Breastfeeding Peer Support. I also completed specialist training as a NICU peer supporter. I have attended the NNUH RLF study day and a two-day UNICEF course on infant feeding. Professionally, I work at the NNUH as a midwifery care assistant caring for mums in an antenatal, interpartum and postpartum capacity. I find this work extremely rewarding. My full time job is caring for my own four beautiful children with the support of my husband. I breastfed my children for a total of 82 months. I have personal experience of feeding a baby on NICU, feeding babies with tongue tie, feeding babies after breast surgery and using an at breast supplementer. I am looking forward to a new opportunity to support mums in their own feeding journeys!