'I made these very gentle changes and I can honestly say both mine and my little girls lives are better now and happier. I did nothing drastic, there’s been no crying, no obvious changes for her whatsoever, just kind and gentle ways to improve things.' Nicola & Ruby

What is Holistic Sleep Coaching?

Your Child’s Sleep
What’s Natural, What’s Normal, What’s Safe.

🖤 Family Centred Care
💜 Respectful of your Child’s physiological & emotional health
🖤 Individualised – every Child & Family is different
💜 Support for families with Babies, Toddlers, Preschoolers & Older children
🖤 Protects your Breastfeeding relationship
💜 Evidence based gentle sleep solutions

Many families I meet are consumed with worries around sleep. I offer information on nurturing alternatives to cry-it-out and similar sleep training methods, along with understanding of what is normal for your child and ways to help you cope.

You are the expert in your child and my role is to support you in finding ways that fit your family towards more settled sleep.

Working with sleep biology, a listening ear and a caring approach to settled sleep, I support you to reach your goals, whilst keeping your child’s physical and emotional health, and your family, at the heart of any changes or suggestions.

As an IBCLC Lactation Consultant, I can work with you to maintain your breastfeeding relationship alongside optimising settled sleep.

I do not advocate any methods that involve leaving your child to cry alone (eg. Cry It Out, Controlled Crying etc.) but share information and strategies with you to optimise settled sleep.

Family Support is also available to provide you time to rest, recover & relax as you enjoy your life as a new family. 

Qualifications & Experience

I am a qualified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and have the following additional qualifications in sleep support:

  • Holistic Sleep Coaching Programme – Level 5 OCN (in progress) – International Online Sleep Coaching Training –  3 months, 14 modules, 20 speakers.  Attachment focused, gentle, expertise, evidence & empathy.  This course is the most in-depth gentle sleep training available.

  • Advanced Sleep Training Skills (Gentle Sleep Training) –This Advanced Level 4 OCN accredited sleep course, taught by Lyndsey Hookway (IBCLC), uses evidence based information to explore key factors that contribute to babies and children waking in the night, including sleep regression, developmental mile stones, cognitive changes, nutritional and environmental factors.

  • Negotiating Infant Sleep Conference – Professor Helen Ball (Durham University)

  • Sleep Timeline of the Breastfed Baby -Meg Nagle (The Milk Meg, IBCLC)

  • Better Baby & Toddler Sleep, Without Tears Workshop – Sarah Ockwell Smith

I help teach families about what is Natural, Normal and Safe, managing expectations and responding appropriately to your child.

More information about my qualifications and experience can be found HERE

Email Support

Sleep diary and parental questionnaire

Analysis of sleep concerns via questionnaire

Email response with suggestions & strategies

Information sheets to keep

Suitable for an overview of sleep habits or one-off concerns

Email follow up


Online Call

Analysis of sleep concerns via phone/online call

Discussion of suggestions & strategies

Suitable for an overview of sleep habits or one-off concerns

This is a call only, no follow up or sleep plans are included


*please note the limitations of these services. No sleep plan is included. For more in-depth bespoke support the full sleep coaching services listed below are more suitable.

My New Nursling

This service for younger babies (0-6 months) is to discuss proactive steps for settled sleep & understanding your baby’s normal sleep behaviours whilst ensuring no feeding issues are present. Sleep strategies are not appropriate for young babies.

Sleep diary and parental questionnaire

60 minute (approximate) consultation via videocall or face to face in your home

A bespoke written guide to settled sleep and tips on moving forward

Information sheets to keep

Follow up email support


A New Dawn

This service is suitable from 6 months to approximately 8 years old. We will discuss current challenges, investigate the reasons for this, discuss normal behaviour and expectations, your sleep goals and sleep strategies that you can put in place.

Sleep diary and parental questionnaire

Detailed analysis of sleep concerns

60-90 minute (approximate) consultation via videocall or face to face in your home

Bespoke sleep plan and strategy suggestions

Information sheets to keep

Follow up online call

Ongoing support for 4 weeks via phone, text & email

Option for further continued support at client rate


‘Sian’s knowledge and advice was second to none, and filled us both with confidence. Sian is the go-to person for all things sleep and feeding.’  Kat & Polly

Client Follow Up Support

Client rates for ongoing support for up to 
8 weeks following initial consultation: 

Client follow up sleep support Home Visit 

Client follow up sleep support call 

Continued Client email & text support 
£25 per week (fair usage applies)

Travel is charged at 50p per mile.