Clinic Appointments

Clinic consultation appointments are available with Sian Aldis, IBCLC Lactation Consultant at Rowan House in Hethersett.

An appointment will include taking a full breastfeeding history and observing a breastfeed. Following this, practical support will be offered and discussion regarding any concerns.

Following consultation you will receive written recommendations, which will also be sent via email with links to further information as necessary. If required contact can be made with your Health Care Professionals. This is included in the cost of consultation.

As a Mindful Breastfeeding Practitioner, I offer Mindful Breastfeeding to all my postnatal clients. Depending on your wishes, this may involve affirmations, guided visualisations and other mindfulness tools.

My aim is to leave you and your baby calm and in control and with the necessary skills to breastfeed in the way that you wish.

Support is available for a wide range of breastfeeding concerns and ages of infant, including (but not limited to):

  • Painful breastfeeding
  • Nipple trauma
  • Difficulty latching
  • Milk supply
  • Expressing
  • Identification of tongue-tie (restricted lingual frenulum)
  • Referral to paediatrician for assessment/division

After a consultation, follow up support is available via text and email for up to two weeks. Further follow up appointments, home visits and online consultations are also available. You are welcome to attend the free fortnightly Breastfeeding Support Café for continued support.

Clinic Consultation: £50

A 50% deposit is required to secure a first clinic consultation. Remaining payments & follow up appointments can be made by Card or Cash following consultation.

To book your appointment please contact Sian via phone (07766466307) or email

Sleep concerns are something I can also support you with alongside breastfeeding. Holistic Sleep Support compliments Breastfeeding Support. Sleep ‘training’ is not what I offer.